Intelligent transportation system – Components of Intelligent transportation system

What is intelligent transportation system?Intelligent transportation system is a hot topic among all civil engineering subjects that has gained popularity and many countries are successfully implementing it. With the rapidly exploding population, ITS has even become a mandatory technique in all countries. Here, we are going to read through the main components of the intelligent transportation system. We will swim through the benefits of intelligent transportation system in the middle, then to uses and challenges of ITS.

Tunnel Engineering- Definition,Study Modules Guide

Tunnel engineering is a branch of civil engineering that deals with construction of tunnels. There is much more to know about the amazing sector. Needless to say, no tiny virus can be a reason to prevent us from transporting for essential purposes. Therefore, the career opportunities are always out there for you.

Highway Engineering- Definition, Importance and Construction Details

Highway engineering is an important topic in civil engineering. It includes the study of roads in depth. The technical aspects involved in this subject plays a significant role in construction of different types of roads. In this blog, I will show you all the details of the subject including the definition, topics, importance etc.

Final year Civil Engineering Projects Topic – 100 sample topics.

Final year civil engineering projects -major topics in structural, hydraulics, environmental, geo-technical and transportation engineering. – Importance of final year projects are, 1.They open the window to your interest after graduation 2. You get to participate in a team and improve leadership skills etc. And things to consider before you start doing the team project

BE Civil engineering subjects semester wise complete details!

BE Civil engineering subjects semester wise, Objectives of the course, what you learn from each of the subject and textbooks you can refer are presented in the post. A comparison between BE and B Tech is also given. After reading this, if you will be interested to pursue the course will be clear for the reader.