Vastu for home plan- all design tips backed by logic

We have seen how magnificent the concept of vastu shastra is in the previous blog Vastu for home: A gem or a sham? If you have not read it, I highly recommend that you give a peep into it before you continue here because then only you will thoroughly understand why you should spend your money and time on vastu for home plan.

So, I assume that you have checked out the basics. Let me take you through a tour right into different spaces in a building that’s perfectly in agreement with vastu.

Alright. I’m going to start the tour from the favourite place of your stomach.

Obviously kitchen.

1. Vastu for kitchen in home plan

Normally, it is best if the kitchen is located in the southeast quadrant. The southwest quadrant is never a good place for the kitchen. Because of the heavy-duty appliances associated with the kitchen and the heat produced by the stove, the kitchen is related to fire. The southwest quadrant bears the sun’s intensity. Heat naturally collects in this part of the house.

Other points to be considered are,

a. The food preparation area of your kitchen should allow you to face east. Facing east and letting the sunshine on your ingredients makes healthier food.

b. The oven, microwave, and drier, which radiate heat, should be near the southeast corner on the south wall or east wall.

c. The dishwasher and washing machine, which create heat and use water, should be on the east wall in between the northeast and southeast quadrants so that these appliances receive the benefit of the elements of water which is conserved in the northeast and the element of fire in the southeast.

d. The sink should be against the east wall or north wall, near the northeast quadrant.

e. The refrigerator, which is typically heavy and can trap energy inside the room and home, should be placed against a wall in the south or west. If it is placed in the west, the door also opens to the east, which is good for food.

f. Placing the table directly opposite to the eastern wall and a window also allows for the benefit of the morning sun.

g. If you have a window that receives lots of sun, grow spices, or edible flowers. The garden serves an excellent purpose, providing you with ingredients that are good for your health.

See, simple but powerful right?

Okay. From kitchen, we are heading towards the perfect dining room envisaged by vastu for home plan where you have the real talk with the family.

2. Vastu for dining room in design

The dining room in a vastu home should be in the western or the eastern side of your home. Obviously, this room should be close to the kitchen.

Try to avoid placing the table in the center of the room.

Why?  Because the center should be kept empty to allow the air circulation that generates in this area to radiate in all directions and placing your dining table toward the western or eastern side of the room.

The eastern side can motivate stimulating conversation since this is the direction of enlightenment (Just reminding the impact of air you breathe on our brain in case you forgot).

And try to mix materials in seat cushion, by using wood with wrought iron, for instance. Wrought iron adds a delicate airy touch to a dining room.

Last but not the least, do remember to welcome nature. If you have the space, put a couple of tall leafy plants on the floor.

From the dining room, let me take you to the living room. To add a little bit of drama to it, you may imagine yourself having fun there with your close ones there.

3. Vastu for living room in home plan

Vastu for home plan proposes a good location for the living room in the northwest, the north, or the northeast of your house.
You are likely to have many of your heaviest pieces of furniture in your living room.

Do your best to put the heaviest pieces in the southern or western part of the space. For example, if you plan to keep books, which are normally heavy, in the living room, try to put built-in bookshelves into the south and west walls, where they will also act as a barrier to keep the positive energy in the room. If you have a large and heavy sofa, this should also be placed in the south or west.
Another thing is that if you love to relax in your living room, place your favorite chair north facing or the east near the northeast corner. This way it can catch the aura of sunlight for you. After all, who wants to put down a free meal?
So, enough of fun. Let’s be serious now.

Yes, put up a grave face and follow me to the study room.

4. Vastu for study room in the plan

A home office or study should be placed in the east, the north, or the west of your home. The east is a particularly good choice since it is the direction of inspiration and enlightenment.
Regarding other elements,

  • The ideal location for your desk is in the south or west this is especially important if the desk is heavy.
  • If you place your desk in the west and face east, this leads to contemplation, creativity, inspiration, and focus.
  • All heavy items, such as bookcases and file cabinets and sofas, should be kept in the south or the west.

Whenever you feel like questioning on the logic, you can just try to relate with the direction of sunlight and air circulation

Continuing the tour, let’s go to a beautiful corner in your home, which is the spiritual room. You may or may not have this. But just let yourself know about it. Otherwise, skip to the next section.

5. Vastu for spiritual room in design

Spiritual room devoted to yoga or meditation or pure relaxation has its ideal location in the northeast, the east, or the north of your home. If the space has a window looking to the east or northeast, this creates a spiritually charged room.

Tired of the advocacy of vastu for home plan?

Don’t worry. Relax now. We have reached your bedroom.

6. Vastu for bedroom in the plan

Bedroom in vastu homes can be in any area while incorporating vastu for a house, but the preferred locations for bedrooms are the southwest, the west, and the northwest. And,

  • The beds should not be in the direct center of a bedroom. Place them so that there is more open space on the north and the east. Since the bed is normally a heavy object, it should usually be placed in the south, the southwest, or the west of the room.
  • Lighter pieces, such as a bureau, delicate sofa, or reading chair, can be safely placed in the north, the east, or the northeast of the room.
  • If you have a desk with a computer, create a study or work area near the southeast wall so that you can sit facing the north, the northeast or east. The active energy from these electronics can interfere with your sleep and the electrical fields may harm your body (Finally an area where there is no scope for debates)

So, did we miss out any area? Right. Bathroom.

7. Vastu for bathroom in design

The bathroom in the vasthu house situated in the east catches the morning sunrays, which is good on the body. But the bathroom can be located anywhere in the house except the northeast.

And the toilet should face the north or the south.

Cool. The tour has reached at the culmination.

Oh, no! How can we not remember our chilling spot? 

8. Vastu for terrace, balcony in home plan

The preferred locations for a special middle zone are the east, north, and west. The north gives you a taste of the sunrise and sunset. The east is an ideal space for a thinker and an early riser who likes to experience the reawakening of the sun. The west is for individual whose quiet time is in the early evening.

Thanks for accompanying me in the trip. Hope it was insightful.

Looking forward to know your doubts in the comments.

Credit: All of the shared information in this post on vastu for home plan is referred from two books, mainly “Vastu Living: Creating a home for the soul” of Kathleen M. Cox, the founder of and a renowned vasthu consultant in America and “Vastu: Breathing life into space” by Dr. Robert E. Svoboda, ( another foremost proponent of vastu.


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