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Types of Irrigation- Flow and Lift Irrigation Full Details

Types of irrigation are mainly divided into two- Flow irrigation and lift irrigation. Flow irrigation is further divided into perennial and inundation irrigation. Inundation irrigation is again subdivided into three. They are direct irrigation, storage irrigation and combined System. We are going to meet the huge family in the blog. Figures are also included to explain each of these better

Coning of wheels- What is coning of wheels?

Coning of wheels is an interesting topic in railway engineering. In this blog, we will see the theory of coming of rail wheels, starting from what is coning of wheels. What is coning of wheels? The space between the inner borders of wheel rims is by and large kept less than the measurement of the track.

Gauges in railway- All Details About Broad, Metre and Narrow Gauges

Gauges in railway is a mandatory topic to touch upon when you study railway engineering. In the blog, I will take you to a trip through the main types of gauges in railway which are broad gauge, metre gauge and narrow gauge. You will also see the major factors that affect the choice of gauges.

Types of rails- 3 types full details with figures

Types of rails are mainly divided into three. Double headed rails, bull headed rails and flat footed rails. You will come to know all the important details of each of them with figures in the blog. The advantages of flat footed rails are also vividly described.

WPC Boards – Advantages, Disadvantages and Uses.

WPC boards or Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is a hybrid product manufactured by mixing sawdust and plastic materials. WPC boards are used in a wide range of structural and non-structural applications due to their superior qualities and strength when compared with any other materials used for the same purpose.

Components of Railway Track- Full Functions of All Components

Components of railway track are rail section, sleepers, ballast, rail fastenings and subgrade and embankments. I will walk you through each of them in detail. You will get to learn about the functions of rails, functions of sleepers, functions of ballast and about fastening of railway. The rail provide a hard, smooth and unchanging surface for the passage of heavy moving loads.

Bitumen for road- Grade and properties of bitumen

Bitumen for road is an important topic to understand the construction of roads. I will walk you through how important bitumen is for road construction. Also, we will see bitumen road layers, different bituminous materials, cutback bitumen, grade of bitumen and properties of bitumen. A comparison between bitumen and tar will also be discussed in the sections.


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