Unit weight of steel bars – How to calculate?

Calculating the unit weight of steel bars with various diameters is crucial when creating a schedule for bar bending. The total weight of steel bars/TMT bars weight required for the project’s construction can be calculated once we know the unit weight of steel.

Difference between Built up Area, Carpet area, Plinth Area

You may run into terminology like “carpet area,” “built-up area,” and “super built-up area” if you’re considering purchasing a home. There are various types of areas in a building’s floor plan. Reading a floor plan is an important skill for a civil engineer to have. These are various methods of describing a property’s area. In…

Types of doors – Top 7 door types explained

Types of doors commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial construction depend on the application area, durability required, the purpose of the door, etc.A door is a movable barrier or mechanism for opening and closing an entranceway or a building/room. The purpose of the door in this urban environment is security and privacy. Apart from…

Bitumen for roads – Bitumen Uses, Grades and Types

Bitumen for road is an important topic to understand the construction of roads. I will walk you through how important bitumen is for road construction. Also, we will see bitumen road layers, different bituminous materials, cutback bitumen, grade of bitumen and properties of bitumen. A comparison between bitumen and tar will also be discussed in…

Aluminium Composite Panel || ACP sheets design

Aluminium composite panels are flat panels having a non-aluminium core sandwiched between two thin coil-coated aluminium sheets. Aluminium Composite Panel is the most durable and flexible decorative surface material available, with enhanced performance attributes. This article discusses the production process, ACP sheet types, advantages, and applications.

Formwork in construction – Top 5 Formwork types

Formwork in construction refers to a mould used to shape concrete into structural shapes (beams, columns, slabs, shells) for buildings and other structures. Concrete is one of the most popular building materials due to its exceptional properties and advantages.

Types of bonds in brick masonry walls – Advantages and features

Types of bonds in brick masonry commonly used in construction are detailed in this article. The process of bonding bricks with mortar in between them is known as brick masonry. Bricks are arranged in a pattern to maintain their aesthetic appearance and strength. This article is about the various types of bonds in brick masonry walls. Bricks…


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