MSE Retaining Walls – Components & advantages.

MSE retaining walls means mechanically stabilised earth or reinforced earth. This is an earth retaining system where compacted granular soil is reinforced with horizontal layers of steel strips or geo-synthetic materials. … Read More MSE Retaining Walls – Components & advantages.

Soil Nailing – Installation,advantages and applications

Soil nailing is a slope protection technique for supporting unstable natural slopes and over steeping of existing slopes. Soil nails are reinforcing passive elements drilled and grouted sub-horizontally in the ground. They are used to support excavations in soil, or soft and weathered rock and slope protection works. Soil nail walls are used as permanent… Read More Soil Nailing – Installation,advantages and applications

Types of Retaining walls – All types,materials,features and uses.

Retaining walls are rigid structures used for supporting soil laterally and retained at different levels on the two sides.
They are vertical or near-vertical structures constructed to hold soil between two terrains when the slope exceeds the natural angle of repose. The slope can be vertical or steep or much above the range of angle of repose.… Read More Types of Retaining walls – All types,materials,features and uses.