Final year Civil Engineering Projects Topic – 100 sample topics.

Final year Civil engineering project are the tipping point of your college activities. While you prepare yourself to bid goodbye to your college, this is like a nagging friend. Well, not really. It is the last chance to exercise your skills in civil engineering and practice what you learnt in the textbooks. You will come across all the details on final year civil engineering projects as well as final year civil engineering project topics in the blog.

Importance of final year civil engineering project topics

This experimental stage is crucial for your career because,

  • They open the window to your interest after graduation
  • You get to participate in a team and improve leadership skills
  • You can improve your presentation skills
  • You will get guidance from a faculty who has the expertise in the field which enables individual attention.
  • The hands-on experience gives you more confidence in the field

Things to consider before you start doing final year civil engineering project topics

Final year civil engineering projects
Final year civil engineering projects

a) Selection of project topics

  • The topic should be of your interest
  • It should be accomplished within the academic schedule
  • The topic should be relevant in the current scenario or contribute complementary or supplementary data to engineering research and development
  • The resources related to the selected Civil engineering subject should be available to you

b) Picking the right team

You should be keen while choosing your team mates. First of all, they should have similar interest as you and should be able to fill in the gaps where you are weak.

c) Approaching a guide for the project

The guide of your final year civil engineering projects should be able to provide you with the required guidance for completing the project. And supportive too (why allow backstabbing?). You may ask the guide’s previous team about their experience with them.

So, the first baby milestone is taken care of. Now, let me introduce the major topics for the final year project in civil engineering.

100 Civil engineering project topics for you

Final year civil engineering projects
Final year civil engineering projects

I have categorized the civil engineering project topics based on the branch of civil engineering in which they belong.

Structural- one of the favourite civil engineering project topics of design enthusiasts           

  • The use of fibres in Reducing Crack widths of Reinforced Cement Concrete Beams with higher covers to reinforcement
  • Utilization of steel slag in sustainable concrete
  • Economic Construction of Slabs using Bubble Deck Technology
  • Master Plan of Medical College and structural design of Main block
  • Study of CO2 absorbing concrete
  • Analysis and design of balanced cantilever liver
  • Development of sustainable particle boards from water hyacinth and pineapple leaf pulps
  • Structural analysis of a building
  • Manufacturing of concrete by adding fibre as reinforced material
  • Evaluation of strain and crack width in beams using photogrammetric methods
  • Structural analysis of a building with autodesk robot structural analysis professional


  • Applicability of Sandwich Panels made of Papercrete for low cost housing
  • Glass fiber Reinforced Gypsum hollow interlocking blocks
  • Coastal protection at your locality: Design, Analysis and Investigation
  • Design for aerated concrete mix using bentonite and zeolite:an eco friendly approach
  • Design of pigmented bituminous mix
  • Effectiveness of retrofitting on beam with corroded bars using steel mesh
  • Semi Automated Cement plastering Machine
  • Fibre Reinforced Light Weight Bricks (FRLWB)
  • Effect of steel slag as fine aggregate in ambient cured alkali activated concrete
  • Study on swelling behaviour of marine clay using GGBS and lime
  • Effect of micropile on the foundation
  • Partial replacement of coarse aggregates by Mangalore tiles
  • production of pelletized artificial fly ash aggregates by polymerisation
  • Energy conservation and analysis of structures using bim
  • Partial replacement of coarse aggregate by recycled coarse aggregate and fine aggregate by crumb rubber in self-compacting concrete
  • Detecting and quantifying damages in bridges using vibration-based transmissibility function
  • Curvature characteristics of RCC beam using photogrammetry techniques
  • Gcl with filter material as an alternative barrier system in waste landfill
  • Experimental investigation on bio-concrete
  •  Fuzzy logic approach in construction delay analysis
  • Strength and durable properties of concrete using oyster shell as partial replacement

Environmental – Best of all civil engineering project topics of nature lovers            

  • Performance Assessment of Constructed Wetland in Treatment of Wastewater
  • Green bricks for a sustainable future
  • Methods for water purification based on by principle of coagulation from dry seeds of fruits
  • Analysis of water ( Chlorine content, salt content) of regions near beach and kayal
  • Plastic tiles
  • Bioplastic
  • Feasibility Study of Underground Water Diversion System at CIAL – A Flood Mitigation Method
  • Biotiles
  • Underground Flood Management System
  • Alternative Early Disaster Warning System
  • Sustainable Housing in Flood Prone Areas
  • Self Closing Flood Barrier
  • Dairy Wastewater Treatment by CABR and Chitosan
  • Graphite detector for landslide
  • Design of water treatment plant for construction purposes near parvathi puthanar
  • Eco-friendly waste management system & vehicular exhaust filter vacuum blackboard duster
  • Amphibious housing scheme using waste plastic bottles for flood affecting areas
  • Flood resistant house

Transportation engineering

  • Development of a dynamic real time traffic control system
  • Performance evaluation of aged rubberised bitumen
  • The utilisation of crab shells in bituminous mixes
  • Analysis of pedestrian safety
  • Pervious concrete pavement
  • Combined Imaging technologies
  • Utilization of flood deposits in the sub base layer of flexible pavement
  • Waste engine oil as rejuvenating agent in RAP
  • Mix design of payments
  • Design of an Android Application for development of an advanced public transit information system for KSRTC buses
  • Implementation of RCA as pavement material
  • Emergency Service Pathway
  • Assessment of methods to solve traffic congestion at a main junction
  • Comparison of different surface mixes for low volume roads
  • Study of strength characteristic of paver blocks using plastic waste
  • An experimental study to find the deflection in pavement subgrade stabilized with phosphogypsum
  • Development Of A Low Cost Mechanism For Pavement Performance Evaluation
  • Traffic Air Quality Modelling and Health Risk Assessment
  • Solar paneled roads
  • Emulsion treated bases for flexible pavement


  • The effect of vetiver roots on erosion control in slopes
  • Geophysical Characterisation of the Pamba River Deposit and Possible Applications
  • Study on the effect of coir pith and activated carbon on lead contaminated soil
  • Soil less media for agriculture
  • Soil stabilization using arikka fiber
  • Fluoride removal in water using bio adsorbent
  • Water quality analysis of different rooftop water harvesting systems
  • Waste audit in Kanjirapally
  • Water purification in Kuttanad using natural filter media
  • Soil stabililzation using bio enzymes
  • Wastewater treatment using natural adsorbents
  • Effect of nano silica on piping behaviour of soil
  • Stabilization of Kari soil
  • Subgrade soil stabilization using biopolymers (agar agar powder)  
  • Implementation of Integrated Greywater Reuse System In Residential Buildings     
  • Land use land cover change detection using remote sensing and gis
  • Soil stabilization using waste materials
  • Effectiveness of permeable reactive barrier (PRB) for the treatment of leachate contaminated groundwater
  • Investigating the potential of biopolymers in strengthening of clayey soil
  • Investigations on the Efficiency of Constructed Wetland in Sewage Treatment
  • Solar based water purification unit for kuttanad region
  • Automated infiltrometer


  • Planning and Design of Small Hydro Electric Project
  • Automation for control of water flow from canal
  • Design of water supply pipelines using GIS and EPANET
  • Automated chemostat treatment for bio polishing of refinary effluents
  • Household water treatment unit for rural communities
  • design of water treatment plant at your campus using vermifiltration
  • Modified hydram system
  • Decontaminating conduits

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I’m pretty sure that you will have a lot more doubts regarding your final year civil engineering projects that hover around your brain. Also, when you want more details on any of the above mentioned civil engineering project topics, drop it in the comments!

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