Applications of GPS- 9 Applications Full details

There are various applications of GPS since it is used for navigation and shrivelling, it is required in many domains. We can observe that technological growth is very rapid and the use of GPS is also getting increased.

Some important applications of GPS are explained are given in the first section.

1. Applications of GPS in agriculture 

The combination of GPS and GIS has given rise to the site-specific farming an approach to precision agriculture. GPS based applications in precision farming are used for: 

 It also helps farmers to work in bad weather conditions such as rain dust fog and darkness when visibility is low.

With the help of Precision agriculture, gather the Geographic information regarding the Plant-Animal-Soil requirements beforehand and then applying the relevant treatment in order to increase productivity.

The collaboration of GPS and GIS with better quality of fertilizers and other soli enhancements, weeds, pesticides can help a farmer greatly in protecting the natural resources in a long run.

The location information is collected by GPS receiver for mapping field boundaries, roads, irrigation systems, and problem areas in crops such as weeds and disease.

2. Aviation

GPS application
GPS application

GPS is used in aviation throughout the world in order to increase the safety and efficiency of flights.

Space-based position and navigation enable three-dimensional position determination for all phases of flight from departure, en route, and arrival, to airport surface navigation.

The role of GPS in Aviation is : 

  •  Area Navigation allows aircraft to fly user-preferred routes from waypoint to waypoint where waypoint does not depend upon the ground infrastructure 
  •  New & Efficient Air routes made possible by GPS are continuing to expand 
  •  Improved approaches to airports, which significantly increase operational benefits and safety, are now being implemented even at remote locations 
  • Potential decommissioning and reduction of expensive ground-based navigation facilities, systems, and services 
  • Reduced aircraft delays due to increased capacity made possible through reduced separation minimums and more efficient air traffic management, particularly during inclement weather. 

3. Environments

In order to sustain the earth’s environment with the human’s needs, there is a need for better decision making in association with more updated information.

Such decisions are supposed to be taken by Government & Private Organisations but both of them are facing the biggest challenge of gathering accurate & timely information.

GPS is the tool which helps greatly in this situation.

Some of the benefits which are provided by GPS to environment are :

  •  In order to provide a comprehensive analysis of environmental concerns, GPS data collection system is complimented with GPS packages 
  • GPS/GIS data collection system efficiently recognize Environmental patterns and trends 
  • There is no need for digitizing the fields data transcription, it can be analyzed quickly without this preliminary requirement 
  •  Environmental Disasters such as fires and oil spills can be more accurately tracked. 
  •  Precise positional data from GPS can assist scientists in crustal and seismic monitoring. 
  •  Monitoring and preservation of endangered species can be facilitated through GPS tracking and mapping. 

4. Marine

GPS technology
GPS technology

In the case of Maine’s search and rescue operations, GPS has provided great support.

GPS provides the fastest and most accurate method for mariners to navigate, measure speed, and determine location.

This enables increased levels of safety and efficiency for mariners worldwide.

Some of the benefits of GPS in Marine are :

  1. Allows access to fast and accurate position, course, and speed information, saving navigators time and fuel through more efficient traffic routing. 

 2. Boaters get precise navigation information- Improves the precision and efficiency of buoy positioning, sweeping, and dredging operations. 

3. For container management in port facilities, enhancement in efficiency and economy is achieved 

4. Increases safety and security for vessels using the AIS 

5. Public Safety & Disaster Relief 

  • GPS serve as a technique in disaster management & rescue operations since, in such real-time situations, time is the critical component.
  • In order to save lives and reduce the loss of property, the med is to know about the relevant information by time, knowing the precise location of landmarks, streets, buildings, emergency service resources, and disaster relief sites reduce the effect.
  • GPS has proven to be of great importance at the time of Tsunami, Katrina and Rita that were havoc in the parts of the world.
  • The rescue team with the collaboration of GPS, GIS and remote sensing gave rise to the rescue operations by correctly locating the site and other relevant information.

6. Applications of GPS in Surveying

GPS is widely used in surveying and by ma keepers. Telephone lines, fire hydrants, server lines and many such can easily be mapped by using GPS. The images of various sites can be tank very easily and fast by using GPS technology

7. Mobile Phones

  • GPS proved to a very efficient feature in Smartphones.
  • GPS is not only used for navigation purposes but also for many other applications in the phone which are dependent on GPS.
  • GPS also provides the service providers in improving their efficiency and quality of service as it can give the feedback as to what signal strength is available.

8. Applications of GPS in Robotics

Robotics is spreading its wings of applications to every field. And, now it has reached in civil engineering as well with GPS.

Robotics field has been benefitted greatly by GPS as it helps the robots in navigation and performing various tasks.

9. Military purpose

Initially developed for the help of military, GPS has covered almost all the areas and applications.

Apart from navigation purposes in military, GPS helps in other fields like in tracking the target using Drone technology.

It is also used for the guidance of missiles and projectiles 

Some other benefits of GPS in this domain are :

  •  Provide positional informational to individuals having mobile devices in the case of emergency 
  •  Flood Prediction Capabilities are enhanced along with the monitoring of Seismic precursors 
  •  GPS also helps the meteorologist in storm tracking and flood predictions 
  •  Helps scientists in anticipating earthquakes 
  • To contain and manage forest fires, aircraft combine GPS with infrared scanners to identify fire boundaries and “hot spots.” 

Now, we have reached at the end. Let’s summarize the applications of gps.


GPS is very important tool for navigation and tracking purpose.

Its popularity has increased drastically and covered almost all the domains. The applications of GPS are explained in a detailed manner.

The new updations and advancements are increasing its scope further.

That’s it about applications of GPS. Let me know in comments, if you have any doubts.

Happy learning!

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