Best Cement of India || Top Cement Companies in India -2021

Best Cement of India || Top Cement Companies in India -2021

Which are the best cement companies in India? Which is the best cement in India? This is the common question every individual should be asking while deciding to go for home construction.

Cement is the most significant and widely used construction material which forms an integral part of any structure. Cement is the major ingredient of concrete and mortar and the structural stability and life of a structure or building depends on the cement quality.

Significance of cement in construction sector

For big industrial, commercial, and residential constructions, the brand and type of cement is mentioned in the contract document in the approved vendor list section. But in the case of individuals involved in residential construction, the main guidance will be through the engineer or contractor involved in that works. But still, everyone should have a piece of basic knowledge regarding the type of cement available in the market and which one is best for their homes.

Which is the best cement for your House/Structure?

After China, India is the largest producer of cement with an overall cement production capacity of nearly 545 million tonnes (MT) in FY20 and accounted for over 8% of the global installed capacity as per IBEF.

A total of around 200-225 cement plants are there in India and lots are under various stages of construction. Around 40-45% of these cement plants are located in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Tamilnadu, Andra Pradesh.

This article is about the top 8, best cement companies in India. 

What is the difference between best cement company and best cement?

All cement companies manufacture cement according to the standards and there is nothing like the best cement or best brand. The major factor deciding the best cement company in India is the production, marketing, and distribution network the company owns in that particular region or the regional availability of that cement brand.

The choice of cement can be done according to the local availability and budget. We are listing out the top companies in terms of market share and availability in most of the places.

Top cement producers in India in terms of Market share

As per India Brand Equity Foundation (IFBL) Ultratech stand at first position in terms of market share and Market cap.

Best cement of India
Best cement of India
Best cement of India - Data with respect to market cap and Market share
Best cement of India – Data with respect to market cap and Market share

Let us go through the details of top cement companies in india in terms of market capitalization and market share

1.UltraTech – Best cement companies in India

Ultra Tech is the largest manufacturer of grey cement, white cement and Ready mix concrete in India and is the cement flag ship cement company of Aditya Birla Group. Established in year 1983 Ultra tech has UltraTech Cement has 23 integrated plants, 1 clinkerisation unit, 26 grinding units, 7 bulk terminals, 1 white cement plant, 2 Wall Care putty plants and more than 100+ RMC plants. Ultratech is the third-largest company in the world (Excluding china) and has business operations in UAE, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, and India. Ultra Tech has a consolidated capacity of 116.8 million tonnes per annum (MT PA) of grey cement.

Ultra Tech
Ultra Tech
  • Establishment: 1987
  • Headquarter: Mumbai
  • Market share : 31%
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 191,604 Cr. (38.98%)
  • Production capacity : 116.8 MT PA

Ultratech production line includes Ordinary Portland Cement, Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement, Portland Pozzolana Cement, etc. They are also leading producers of White Cement, Ready Mix Concrete, building products, etc.

2.Ambuja Cement – Best cement companies in India

Ambuja cement formerly known as (Gujrat Ambuja Cement Limited ) is the second-largest cement company in India in terms of the Market share. It was founded in 1983 and has their headquarter in Mumbai. Ambuja Cement got five integrated cement manufacturing plants and eight cement grinding units spanning across the country with a production capacity of 29.65 million tonnes per Annum (MT PA).

All Ambuja Cement plants are ISO 14001 certified. It is also plastic negative, by burning as much as over 75,000 tonnes of plastic waste in its kilns, equivalent to 2.5 times of total plastic used. The company also generated 7.1% of its power needs from renewable resources.

Ambuja Cement is known for its high strength, high performance Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC) and was the first to introduce 53-grade cement in the market.

Ambuja Cement
Ambuja Cements
  • Establishment: 1983
  • Headquarter: Mumbai
  • Market share : 21%
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 67770 Cr. (13.67%)
  • Production capacity : 29.65 MTPA

In 2005 – Ambuja Cements (as the company was known then) and another premier Indian cement company, ACC Limited, became a part of the reputed Holcim Group of Switzerland. Later, in 2015, Holcim Limited and Lafarge SA came together in a merger of equals to form LafargeHolcim – the new world leader in building materials.

3.ACC Cements – Best cement companies in India

It is formerly known as an Associate Cement Company is one of the oldest and leading manufacturers of cement and ready mix concrete. ACC Cement was established in the year 1936 with headquarter in Mumbai and having 17 cement manufacturing units, over 90 ready mix concrete plants etc.

ACC Cement
ACC Cement
  • Establishment: 1936
  • Headquarter: Mumbai
  • Market share : 12 %
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 38081 Cr. (7.68%)
  • Production capacity : 33.4 MTPA

In 2005, ACC became part of the Holcim Group of Switzerland. Subsequently, in 2015, Holcim and Lafarge came together in a merger to form LafargeHolcim – the global leader in building materials and solutions.

4.Shree cements – Best cement companies in India

SCL is one of the fast growing cement companies in India. Shree Cement was Incorporated in 1979 by renowned Bangur family based out of Kolkata and first cement plant was established in the year 1985.

SCL is one of India’s Top five cement producers and among the fastest growing cement companies with an installed capacity of 40.4 Million Tonnes Per Annum in India and 44.4 MPTA including overseas.

Shree Cement
Shree Cement
  • Establishment: 1979
  • Headquarter: Kolkata
  • Market share : 10%
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 101191 Cr. (20.41%)
  • Production capacity : 40.4 MTPA

Shree cement is known for delivery of good quality products at an affordable price range.

Dalmia cement

They are one of India’s pioneering homegrown cement companies established in 1939 having headquarter in Delhi. Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd, which is a 100% subsidiary of Dalmia Bharat Ltd.

The company has a production capacity of 30.75 MP TA and operates thirteen cement plants and grinding units which are spread across nine states. Dalmia Cement is the only company with at least one plant in each of the four key eastern states of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Odisha.

Dalmia Cement
Dalmia Cement
  • Establishment: 1939
  • Headquarter: Delhi
  • Market share : 8%
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 33490 Cr. (6.76%)
  • Production capacity : 30.75 MTPA

Dalmia is the largest manufacturer of slag cement and is a leader in super-speciality cement for oil wells, railway sleepers, and airstrips. Dalmia brands are available as Portland Pozzolana Cement, Portland Slag Cement, Composite Cement, and Ordinary Portland Cement in select markets

Birla Corporation

Birla Corporation is a flagship company of MP Birla group and got 10 cement plants at various locations and having a production capacity of 15.5 MT PA. Incorporated as Birla Jute Manufacturing Company Limited in 1919 Birla corporation is engaged in the manufacture of cement. They manufacture varieties of cement like Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), 43 & 53 grades, Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), fly ash-based PPC, Low Alkali Portland Cement, Portland Slag Cement (PSC), Low Heat Cement and Sulfates Resistant Cement.

Birla Cement
Birla Cement
  • Establishment: 1919
  • Headquarter: kolkata
  • Market share : 5%
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs.9087 Cr. (1.83%)
  • Production capacity : 15.5 MTPA

The company acquired 100% shares of Reliance Cement Company Private Limited for a value 4800 crores. The total capacity including acquisition stands at 15.5 MT PA.

India Cements

India cements Ltd was founded in the year 1946 by Shri S N N Sankaralinga Iyer and Sri T S Narayanaswami. From a two plant company having a capacity of just 1.3 million tonnes in 1989, India Cements has robustly grown in the last two decades to a total capacity of 15.5 million tonnes per annum. India Cements has now 8 integrated cement plants in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan and two grinding units, one each in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

India Cements
India Cements
  • Establishment: 1946
  • Headquarter: Chennai
  • Market share : 5%
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 6047Cr. (1.22%)
  • Production capacity : 15.5 MTPA

Ramco cements

Ramco Cements Limited is the flagship company of the Ramco Group, a well-known business group of South India. having their head quarters in Chennai. It is eight in the list of top 10 cement company in India

The main product of the company is Portland cement, manufactured in eight state-of-the-art production facilities that include Integrated Cement plants and Grinding units with a current total production capacity of 16.45 MTPA. The company is the fifth largest cement producer in the country. 

Ramco Cement
Ramco Cement
  • Establishment: 1946
  • Headquarter: Chennai
  • Market share : 4%
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs.24089 Cr. (4.86%)
  • Production capacity : 16.45 MTPA


All cement companies are manufacturing the product as per International and Indian standards. While choosing the cement brand always go for the one readily available in the area of works. The companies mentioned in this article are the ones having high manufacturing capacity and a good marketing network. There a lot of good companies and brands available in the market other than the one mentioned in this article that has the same quality and durability and can be opted for without any second thought.

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