Ready Mix plaster vs Conventional plaster

Ready mix Plaster vs Conventional plaster – Which one is best ?

Ready mix plaster is a blend of cement and fine graded sand mixed with polymer additives in right proportions and available in a ready to use form. They are applied by simply mixing water in right proportions. Ready-mix plaster are used extensively in brick works, block work and plastering works. A quality plaster material acts as a skin of the entire structure and protect the structure from rain,sun,snow, moisture etc.

Portland Cement 53 Grade, Grade Sand, fly Ash, Lime and Additive (Fibres , Plasticizers, Water Proofing agent proprietary additives and admixtures for better durability ,added in an automated process.

What makes ready mix plaster a preferred option in place of conventional cement sand plaster?

Conventional cement sand plaster

Plastering is the prime construction activity presenting the exact look and feel of the building interiors and exteriors. The function of plastering is as follows.

  • To provide a smooth, even, and durable surface for finishes like Putty/POP, painting, etc.
  • They act as a barrier against atmospheric conditions involving moisture, water, snow, heat, dust, etc.
  • Plastering can cover the defects, fine cracks, etc developed in the construction.

Ingredients like cement and sand are procured separately, conveyed, and mixed with water in the right proportions before application for conventional plaster.

For maintaining a perfect plaster quality, the sand has to be graded and free from the slit and other organic impurities, etc. The quality is not followed in construction sites which in turn affects the plaster quality. Let us dive into the reasons why readymix plaster is a perfect and quality alternative against conventional cement sand plaster.

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ready mix plaster
Ready mix plaster

Ready-mix plaster vs conventional plaster

Ready-mix plaster is preferred over conventional plaster due to a lot of unique properties which we are going to describe in this articles.

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Quality of ingredients

The main ingredient used in conventional cement sand plaster is sand. The quality of sand determines the quality and durability of plaster.

cement plasterready mix plaster
Sand is obtained from river beds
and may contain slit and other
organic impurities and most of
the times they may not be graded.
Uses cement, clean and fine
graded sand, fly ash and
polymer additives.
May not be able to follow gradation
of sand which may lead to
cracks and other defects.
Graded sand is used in a ready mix
plaster and can ensure quality
and compactness in plastering.

The strength of plaster depends on compactness that requires perfect packing of particles. The compactness of plaster is dependent on the gradation of particles of sand. If sand is not graded it is very difficult to achieve the required compactness which reduces the plaster strength significantly.

Material handling and mixing

Cement sand plasterready mix plaster
Ingredients are procured loose, conveyed and mixed at site
before application.
Ingredients are available
in ready mix form. Only
water to be added before
The quality of ingredients may vary
due to possible change in sand
sources. Additional labor charges
incurred in ingredient shifting
and mixing.
The quality of ingredients
will be standard. The materials
are ready mixed and can be easily conveyed and
mixed at site.
Ingredient mixing proportions may vary due to manual mixing at
the site. Very difficult to maintain proportions
of ingredients at the site.
The ingredients are in ready mix form and the proportions will not
vary. The proportions are maintained
easily and hence the quality of plaster
is also excellent.

Wastage of ingredients

cement sand plasterready mix plaster
The main ingredient sand is
available in loose form and has
to be stored. The wastage of sand is very high in conventional plaster.
Cement plaster creates more
wastages at site and housekeeping
labor cost will be high.
Plaster material is available
in ready mix form and very easy to
store and convey for works. Ready-mix plaster generates less wastage.
Housekeeping labor charges
are less compared to
cement plaster.

Ease of application

Cement plaster adhesion is less and hence application speed is low.
and rebound wastage is very
Ready mix plaster consists of polymer
based additives and hence adhesion is very easy and application speed is fast. Rebound wastage is very less
compared to conventional cement plaster.
Requires a long curing period extending up to
7 days
Polymeric content induces high water
retention properties and hence requires on 3-4 days of curing.

Application of ready mix plaster

Ready mix plaster is used for both external and internal applications.

  • Can be applied in both horizontal and vertical planes
  • Applied to textures or patterns
  • Can be used for plastering in place of conventional plaster
  • Can be used for plastering brick wall, AAC blocks, clc blocks, concrete block etc.

Advantages of ready mix plaster

Ready – mix plaster got a lot of advantages that makes it an unique alternative in place of conventional plaster. Here we will list out the advantages.

particularsready mix plasterconventional plaster
Application timevery fastTakes time
Ingredient quality &
Using clean and graded
materials and factory mixed
Uses available sand
and manual mixed
Shrinkage cracksMinimum shrinkage cracksHigh shrinkage cracks
Material handling
and storage requirements
Available in packets. Easy
to handle and store
Available in loose materials. Difficult
to store and handle.
Wastagenegligiblehigh wastage
Organic efflorescencenilMay happen due to
usage of river sand.
sand gradationGradedNot graded
Rebound wastageMinimumVery high

Application standards

For internal walls : 8-10 mm in single coat

For external walls : 8-10 mm base coat & 8-10 mm top coat with a total thickness of 16-20 mm.

Maximum aggregate size is around 3 mm.


Considering the nonavailability of quality sand ,enormous quality difference , minimal wastage ready mix plaster is widely used now a days . Ready mix plaster is a better and economical choice when compared to conventional plaster.

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