Smart roads- 6 Smart road technologies Full Guide

Smart roads and other smart road technologies are relevant to the advancement of the transportation sector of a country. We are going to dig deep into this in the upcoming sections. We’ve all learned about connected vehicles, self-driving cars, GPS mapping, applications for route optimization and ride-hailing services, after all… Read More Smart roads- 6 Smart road technologies Full Guide

What is BIM? All Applications Explained!

BIM is one of the trending civil engineering technological advancements. It has impacted the construction sector hugely and continue to make it better and better. It is a highly collaborative process that allows multiple stakeholders and AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) professionals to collaborate on the planning, design, and construction of a building within one 3D model. … Read More What is BIM? All Applications Explained!

Smart Building: 4 Features Full Guide

Today, we are going to talk about one of the interesting innovations, smart building. With the advancement of technology, civil engineering has seen mouthful innovations in the past decade. A smart building is any structure that uses automated processes, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, safety and other systems, to automatically control the building’s operations.… Read More Smart Building: 4 Features Full Guide

Prefabrication: All Advantages & Disadvantages Explained

Construction has always been about the speed and efficiency that can be ensured with the materials and techniques of construction. Prefabrication is an amazing technology that helps to reduce time and having many more benefits. Prefabricated construction, or “prefab,” is a method of construction that uses components made off-site in a factory, which are then transported put together on-site to create a structure.… Read More Prefabrication: All Advantages & Disadvantages Explained