Non Destructive test (NDT)- Hardened Concrete

Non-destructive test (NDT) and destructive tests (DT) are the the tests done one hardened concrete. Concrete is the oldest and most important construction material in the world. Testing of the concrete plays and important role to know about the strength, durability and condition of the structure. This article is about the types of Destructive and non destructive tests done on concrete.… Read More Non Destructive test (NDT)- Hardened Concrete

Rebound hammer test on Concrete structures

Rebound hammer test is one of the most popular and simple non-destructive concrete tests. The Non-destructive test is the process of detection of defects in concrete without its destruction. The determination of concrete quality is necessary for both fresh concrete and hardened concrete. The rebound hammer test is the common test for determining quality for existing structures.… Read More Rebound hammer test on Concrete structures