Green walls/Living walls – Types – Advantages


Green walls are independent vertical structures or structures attached to the wall having a medium for plants built in irrigation systems. We are living in a polluted environment so it is very much advisable to keep indoor plants which purifies air and makes us free fresh and energetic. The green walls are the best option to make us feel close to nature. The concept of Green walls are getting popular nowadays. It was earlier confined to big commercial and residential establishments. Now getting into the residential atmosphere as an architectural concept detaching people from the clutches of urbanisation and taking them back to nature. Surprisingly the green walls are much more than a back to nature architectural concept.


Green walls are made of plants that are grown in a medium and placed on horizontal walls using a framing system. The system members are assembled structurally and fixed to the wall. The system includes both automatic and manual watering facilities.


Environmental and healing benefits

Plants naturally take in carbon dioxide and absorbs pollutants and then expel fresh, clean oxygen. Living walls or green walls make us more happier and energetic with its close to nature abilities. Green walls can lift our moods and help us to forget the feel of a busy urban atmosphere. It is a proven fact that nature can heal a lot of human behaviourism like anxiety, depression,aggression stress,mental fatigue etc . Ashrams built around the world are full of greenery which signatures them as the best destinations for controlling minds positively.

Architectural and visual appeal

The green walls are visually appealing and and gives an entirely different feel from the conventional interiors. The space looks bright, charming and pleasing due to the presence of green walls.

Energy efficiency

The outdoor green walls are considered as energy efficient as they can reduce the heat transmission to the interiors where they are exposed to sun directly. The transpiration process of plants can reduce the indoor heat to an extent and function as an energy efficient solution. Transpiration is a process in which the plants release water in the form of moisture or water vapour. Green walls also reduces the heat loss in winter seasons.

Acoustic properties

The green walls are known to have good acoustic properties. Plants can reduce noise levels. By using indoor vertical garden the high frequency noises can be absorbed.

Improving air quality

The environmental pollution is the biggest challenge we are facing now a days due to industrialisation. Being close to nature we can reverse the urbanisation effect to some extent. Apart from the action of photosynthesis plants are known to absorb poisonous gases by purifying the the air. Studies show that the green walls can reduce harmful pollutants to an extent of about 25-30 %.

Recreating eco systems.

The vertical gardens can recreate a natural ecosystem which is missing in the urban areas and serves as a natural extension of the eco-system.

Biophilic effects ( productivity increase)

Being close to plants can have a positive impact on an individual’s well being. Studies have shown that even seeing nature while working can increase job satisfaction. The installation of a green wall also makes the employees feel ease with the companies commitment in maintaining a healthy work environment. By spending about 8 -12 hours in offices people develop a lot of discomforts due to inadequate ventilation, chemical indoor pollutants etc . Green walls can reduce such discomforts to an extent.

Leeds certification

Green walls are internationally recognised green building certification (LEEDS) system to help transform the design, construction and operation of buildings. By adopting green walls LEEDS points can be gained because of its eco-sensitive and sustainable solutions in terms of water usage and environmental friendly qualities. The LEEDS certification tends to increase the property values too.
Green walls contain a large amount of plants placed horizontally in a relatively small area. This can provide the maximum benefit, as they are installed using minimal floor space.



Outdoor green walls are basically visual elements and the plants chosen are in line with the climatic conditions of that particular areas. The plants have to survive even the worst climate usually prevailing in that particular area. The plants have to look excellent , can absorb rain water, insulate buildings and has to be cost effective .


Unlike outdoor plants indoor plants have space restrictions , size restrictions and species restrictions . The plant choice will be limited to indoor plants with air purification abilities.This systems are suited to be fixed length wise than height wise for easy maintenance.

Hence it can be concluded that green walls are not a mere architectural concept for visual appealing , but an environmental friendly, sustainable, energy efficient, accounting option which can give mental peace, and feel the nurturing of nature.

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